Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd. was founded by Stavro Melathopoulos in 1968 and from here he began the task of developing a large and diverse clientele.  Stavro Melathopoulos began his architectural career as an Architectural Technology graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1960.  He continued on to earn his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Utah in 1966 and returned to Calgary the same year.


The Firm has enjoyed growth in the Calgary area and has expanded to other parts of Alberta, and British Columbia.  We are affiliated with Alberta Association of Architects and the British Columbia Association of Architects.  We have a large portfolio of completed projects including private schools, multi-housing, shopping centres, hotels, motels, apartments, commercial buildings and churches. 


Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd. employs four Architects, two Architectural Technologists, and one Administrative Assistant/Accountant.  Our Staff is dedicated to meeting the Client’s objectives, budget guidelines, development time frames, and future requirements, delivering projects on time regardless of their scale or complexity.  We anticipate increasing our staff and capacity for larger projects in the near future.