Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd. places the utmost importance in the needs, means and objectives of his Clients.  This emphasis comes from his extensive experience working with a diverse clientele on a variety of different projects.  After all, the buildings we design private or public are for the Client’s use.


Establishing the needs of our Clients requires extensive research, hours of consultations with the Clients and numerous schematics and proposals until both parties are satisfied that we have addressed all possible needs.  The needs and objectives of our Clients must always balance the means of our Client.  In other words; the Project Construction Cost.   The Project Construction Cost is influenced by the design, the state of the economy and the construction industry.  Selection of the right contractor for the project can usually reduce construction costs.  A heated economy results in higher Project Construction Costs.   Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd always maintains that by carefully designing the exterior building envelope using the right materials, details, equipment, systems, fixtures, and other building compliments and innovations reduces the building operation and maintenance costs.  This results in the least possible impact on our resources and environment. 


The Client’s objectives are one and the same as Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd.  That is, to satisfy our Clients and their communities by delivering functional efficient projects with broad aesthetic appeal within our Client’s means.